Clean and get fit with EZClean

by Christopher Grillet

Christopher Grillet - Dec 15th 2021


We're all in agreement that housecleaning, as tedious as it is, must be done. However, we can turn it into a true workout while having fun and burning calories! Have you ever considered it? You'll have more time for yourself, a healthier body, and a cleaner home. Always remember to focus on what you're doing rather than forcing joints. The workouts will function better if you move properly, and you will prevent any negative results.

Turn on the music and let's get some exercises! 🏋🏻‍♀️

We recommend the following workouts to help you build a nice shape while cleaning:

1- Climb dynamically on the stairs.

Be careful though. When you are cleaning, avoid running if your hands aren’t free. Safety first ladies and gentlemen.

2- Squat to pick up things on the ground.

We’ll speak about that further in another article but posture is everything. When picking up from the floor, do not bend, instead squat. To do so separate the legs and keep them aligned with the hips. Bend the knees as you lower, keeping the back straight and contracting your abdominals..

Straight back, knees flexed, that's how you get belly and mess away

3- Forward bends as an alternative to squat.

With the knees slightly bent and the legs open and aligned with the hips, move the torso forward with your hands reaching towards the floor until you feel a pleasant lengthening of the spine. This exercise is appropriate only when picking up light objects, so as to protect the back.

Cleaning will get you fit and more flexible than a yoga master

4- Cleaning Marathon.

Like with our Footsies slipper mops, we like to make cleaning fun so here is a small idea we used with our families: Challenge your family (even the laziest ones) to a house cleaning race. To win the game, the first who cleans his area first wins. To spice things up, you can even play for a reward.

5- Don't skip windows.

I know it's the worst, but it will get you fit and tone arms. Slip your Footsies over your hand and repeat a circle movement at least 10 times per arm. Stiffness and clean windows guaranteed. 

6- Dance, slide, just have fun.

You ever dreamed to moonwalk as smoothly as Michael Jackson? Wear our Footsies and it will be a dream come true folks. As well as being fun, this is an excellent method to burn calories and feel like you are part of Dance With The Stars!

7- Stretched while dusting.

Dust with one hand while keeping the other lifted up, elongating all the muscles and contracting the abdominals. Alternate left and right.

8- Pay attention to your posture.

Again, always remember to keep a straight back and squat instead of bending over. Our Footsies will make this easy as you don’t have to bend over to clean any kind of floors or surfaces in your house. 

They come in with gift bags

Dance, slide, run just have fun while wearing your Footsies slipper mops and cleaning will never be a chore again.